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Saint Paul Classic’s

Who What Where Why When?

You Asked, We Answered

Q-&-A for the FAQ

Most of your questions should be answered below, but if not please reach out to

What time do I need to be there?
Check-in is at Como Lakeside Pavilion starting at 7:30 a.m. All riders must be on the course by 9:30 a.m. REVIEW YOUR CHECK IN TIME on your registration.

Can I register the day of the event?
Very Important: Day-of registration is no longer available due to limited capacities.

How much does it cost?
Rates are $15-$50 depending on age or member discount. Volunteers can ride for free and we offer many other reduced rates. NOTE: T-shirts are not included in the ride price. Volunteers, however do receive a free T-shirt for their service.

How do I get there?
Bicycling to the Classic is a great way to go, but please avoid the trail going south from Como Pavilion as this will be filled with outgoing cyclists. The MnDOT Weekend Impact page is updated regularly.

Where do I park?
While we encourage everyone to bike to the start of the event if at all possible, there is quite a bit of parking available on the Como Park Campus Note also that the City is asking riders NOT to park in the Zoo parking lots or McMurray Fields lots.. There is also lots of parking just east of Lake Como at the Como Elementary School and Como Senior High School.

Is it a race?
NO. Please stay to the right to allow passing. Faster bicyclists should say “on your left” when passing.

I’m a Faster Rider, can I ride in the street?
Yes. Bicycles are legal vehicles. There are designated bike lanes adjacent to the trails on Como Boulevard, Mississippi River Boulevard and Johnson Parkway. Lilydale Road has very light traffic. We do NOT recommend bicycling on Shepard Road, Warner Road or Wheelock Parkway (due to its narrow width).

Is the course difficult?
Depends on what you think is difficult. On both routes, there are a few climbs to contend with which riders may find challenging, but Ramsey Hill is no longer included so you’ll have to conquer that on a different day.

Are roads closed to automobile traffic?
No. Riders will enjoy riding on paved trails, bicycle lanes and protected bikeways. Almost no roads will be closed to traffic. As always, bicyclists ride at their own risk and must follow the rules of the road.

Are there support (SAG) vehicles in case of mechanical difficulties?
Yes! We work with local bike shops to provide SAG support. There are about 40 Ride Marshals patrolling the course who liason with our various SAG vehicles if there is an incident.

Are there directional route signs?
Yes, the route has signage. Police officers and volunteers will direct you as well. Riders receive a map when they check in too.

Is it a fundraiser?
Yes. The Classic supports the work of the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota and its efforts to make Minnesota communities (like Saint Paul!) more bicycle friendly so more people will ride bicycles more often.

Where do my registration fees go?
It costs a lot of money and requires hundreds of hours to produce an event like this. Besides staff time, your registration fee includes fresh coffee, bountiful refreshments, live music, and police officers on route. All funds collected beyond the cost of the event benefit the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota.

Amazing Rest Stops

We Support You!


The Saint Paul Classic would not be possible without the help of 100s of volunteers. Thanks in advance to everyone who signs up to help!

Volunteers receive a free T-shirt and enjoy a volunteer appreciation party at Summit Brewery with a picnic dinner catered by Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-Op.