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We love the fun and whimsical art that local illustrator Jaime Anderson created for this year’s Saint Paul Classic Bike Tour! The art design process takes a few months, and we wanted to give riders some insight into the process that Jaime followed. Check it out!

What influenced the choice of scenery you created for this year’s Saint Paul Classic design?

My goal for this year’s design was to highlight where the High Bridge meets the mighty Mississippi River. This part of the ride takes you under the bridge and towards downtown Saint Paul with many beautiful views along the way!

You are well-known for your cycling illustrations. What draws you to make bike-themed art? What does bicycling mean to you? 

I love that bicycling gets you out and shows you “off the beaten path” places you might not otherwise discover. It’s such a great way to explore some of the hidden gems we have in the Twin Cities, whether it be in nature or in the city.

To me, biking also means community! Making bike-themed art has been a great way for me to participate in local bike-themed poster shows throughout the years at events such as Artcrank and has given me the great opportunity to create artwork for the Bicycle Alliance of MN! These opportunities have been such a great way to meet other artists and bike enthusiasts.

While developing this illustration, did you run into any snafus or challenges? What are some surprising things when you think about the final version given your concept sketches?

No major hiccups! A common challenge with any design intended for screen-printing is working with limited ink colors and factoring in the background t-shirt or paper color in your design. It can be a tricky process but I’m happy with where we landed with the final design!

What is your most memorable biking experience? Do you have any favorite places or times to ride?

One of the most memorable bike rides I’ve done would have to be the bikepacking trip from NE Minneapolis to William O’Brien State Park. It was one of the most challenging bike rides I’ve ever done (hello, hills!) but also beautiful and rewarding! Locally, I enjoy biking the West River Parkway Trail, especially in the Fall.

Where can people find more information about you, your art, and anything else you’re working on? 

You can find me here:

Online portfolio:

Instagram: @jaimeillos

Stop by and say hello! 🙂