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Advocate for an I-94 that puts people, our environment, and communities ahead of cars

This TUESDAY (tomorrow) and WEDNESDAY, November 16 and 17, MnDOT is holding a series of webinars to get public feedback on its “Rethinking I-94” proposals. MnDOT is planning to reconstruct interstate I-94 between downtown Minneapolis and downtown Saint Paul in the coming years. Consider attending just one of these public webinars to advocate for better biking and walking along and across the corridor.

Make no mistake, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reimagine the freeway corridor and to put the needs of people and the planet ahead of cars. This is a chance to act on the climate crisis at a local level and to encourage the improvements of neighborhoods that are disenfranchised and split by highways cutting through them.

Register for a Feedback Session!

There is a 15-minute zoom presentation followed by 45 minutes of questions, answers, and community feedback. Please, register in advance by going to one of the links below.