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Welcome to the BikeMN Higher Education Network

Making Minnesota Campuses More Bicycle-Friendly

The BikeMN Higher Education Network exists to make colleges and universities throughout the state of Minnesota more bicycle-friendly. The network seeks to accomplish this by producing bicycle educational content, facilitating an annual forum to discuss current themes in biking at higher education institutions, and providing exclusive resources for members to utilize in order to make their campuses more bike-friendly.

Photo of a nature trail bridge at Gooseberry Park in Moorhead, Minnesota during the fall season. Three college-aged people are riding their bicycles across the bridge. One person is wearing a sweatshirt that reads Concordia Cobbers.
Concordia College Students riding at Gooseberry Park (Photo Courtesy of Concordia College)

BikeMN Higher Education Network Online Learning Center

A Series of Asynchronous Classes for Biking on and around Higher Education Campuses

Bicycle Friendly University

What is a Bicycle Friendly University?

How do I apply to become a Bicycle Friendly University?

A group of bicycle riders, two abreast, pose for a picture while riding on a bicycle path in a park. The lead rider's helmet shows at the bottom of the picture as they take the picture of the group behind them. One rider flashes a thumbs-up. Another rider is showing the V sign.