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Legislation That Works For You!

Your Voice in Saint Paul

Leading on Funding, Policy and Programs for Active Transportation

The Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota has a team of lobbyists that represent biking and walking at the Minnesota Legislature. They, along with BikeMN’s Advocacy Committee, help develop an annual Legislative Agenda and assist BikeMN and its supporters with communicating with legislators and local leaders. Each year in February or March BikeMN hosts the Minnesota Bike Walk Summit which offers a chance for supporters to learn about biking, walking, and safe routes to school related issues, what is being debated by the Minnesota Legislature, and how to make the case for support to your legislators and other community and business leaders. In previous years the Summit was held in person in St. Paul but 2021 it was all online and FREE. In 2022 it will return online with options and suggestions on how to plan visits with elected leaders in your community or in St. Paul.

Let’s Chat, Summit Sampler, and Legislative Agendas

Talking to your Legislators and Elected Officials

Find who represents you and suggested tips for talking with your elected leaders.

Sampling of the 2021 Summit

See the agenda and watch all or part of the 2021 Summit.

BikeMN’s 2022 Legislative Agenda

BikeMN’s legislative priorities and what happened in 2022.

Who are your elected leaders?

All politics are local!

You know what to say, and how to say it? Great! Now you just need to figure out who you need to say it too. Use this great search tool to determine who needs to hear that you support biking and walking in Minnesota.