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Hosting Fundraisers, Legacy Dedication, Employer Matches and More!

There are many ways to donate to our work in education, advocacy, and community building.

Your Support Moves Us All Forward

Thank you for making a donation to support the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota! Together, we are making Minnesota a better place to walk and ride.

The Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Our Federal ID number is 41-1719332. Your support helps us get closer to our vision of a Minnesota where where every person everywhere can easily walk, bike, and roll as ways to move in daily life. Thank you!

Since BikeMN is a 501 c(3) organization, EIN: 41-1719332 you can support us in a variety of ways:

Donate online to make a secure online gift.

Through the mail
Please send checks to Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, 3745 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406 (We have staff checking the mail daily.)

Leave an Active Transportation Legacy
Please consider including BikeMN in your estate plan/will. Not sure where to begin? Leave a Legacy MN is a great place to start. You can also call Executive Director Michael Wojcik 507-269-8606 or email.

Donors Advised Funds (DAF)
Donor Advised Funds are a great way to support the organizations that you love. You can designate a distribution to the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota.

Matching Gifts/Workplace Giving
If your workplace matches gifts, be sure to submit requests to have your donations matched through your workplace. Similarly, if your company matches through a workplace giving campaign, please consider signing up and giving through the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota.

Family Foundation
You can designate a gift to BikeMN through your family foundation. 

IRA Charitable Rollover
As a qualifying nonprofit organization, BikeMN can receive IRA rollover charitable contributions. Individuals aged 70½ and older are able to donate up to $100,000 to BikeMN and other charitable organizations directly from their IRA, without treating the distribution as taxable income. In order to qualify, contributions must go directly to a public charity and be made from traditional IRAs or Roth IRAs.

Facebook Fundraiser
Host a Facebook Fundraiser for BikeMN and encourage friends, family, colleagues, and others to give in honor of a milestone (birthday, anniversary, etc.) or just because. Check out Facebook Fundraisers for more information.

In-Kind Gifts
The Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota accepts in-kind donations of bicycles and other gear throughout the year for our Adult Learn to Ride, and Walk! Bike! Fun! Workshops. Please contact us at to schedule a drop off time.

Stock Gifts
If you’re interested in making a gift of stocks or mutual funds to BikeMN, please contact Ted Duepner at and he will help facilitate this gift. 

Corporate Support
If you own a business or are part of a corporation and would like to support BikeMN as a business or corporation, please contact Ted Duepner at for the opportunities available to you.

Our Paths to Success

Education: A Safe Path

Advocacy: An Easy Path

Community Engagement:
A Fun Path

We envision a world

where walking and biking are easy, safe, and fun for people of all backgrounds and abilities. Core to this vision is the goal of zero lives lost and no serious injuries on roads, our largest public spaces. This kind of mobility has the power to help rural, suburban, and urban communities thrive.

Active mobility also leads to increased positive health outcomes and increased positive environmental outcomes, which are goals Minnesota leaders already share with us. This shared vision will ensure that walking and biking are a frequent means of mobility within all communities.

As a member of the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, you will help in supporting our efforts to:

  • Advocate for walk & bike friendly laws, policies, projects, and programs.
  • Educate motorists and others using a national curriculum and awareness campaign focused on motorists.
  • Encourage biking & walking through events and promotions.
  • Help businesses and communities to be more walk & bike friendly. 

Thank you so much for your generous support!

BikeMN brought their bikeablity workshop to Hopkins and inspired me to create an advocacy group in our community. BikeMN is an inspiration, motivator, and educator for advocates around the state.