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Bike and Walk Education for All Minnesotans

Providing information for Safe Walking, Biking & Rolling

BikeMN works hard to ensure that all Minnesotans have access to information and resources so that walking, biking, and rolling anywhere in the state is easy, safe and fun. Learn more about educational programs and resources below, and find out how to get involved.

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Upcoming Educational Classes

BikeMN Education Programs

MN Bicycling Laws & Riding Tips

The comprehensive Minnesota Bicycling Handbook is meant to help bicyclists use Minnesota’s roads and trails safely and enjoyably, with information on equipment, riding rules & etiquette, where to ride, and much more.

People Friendly Driver

People Friendly Driver is a pilot program and curriculum for educating all motorists on safe driving behaviors around people who are walking or biking, currently taught by BikeMN staff upon request. Learn more about the PFD program, the vision, and how to become a partner or request a class.

Become an Instructor

Teaching classes is a valuable way in which we provide vital information that helps make walking, biking and rolling as safe and enjoyable as possible. Find out how you can get trained to share educational opportunities in your community.

Courses for Individuals

Whether you are brand new to riding a bike, or if you’ve been pedaling for decades, taking a class is a great way to brush up on your knowledge, practice your skills, and boost your confidence. BikeMN and certified League of American Bicyclists Instructors (LCIs) offer a range of classes – from quick 30min primers, to multi-day seminars – that can help you take your riding to the next level. Learn More about current offerings and how to register.

Trainings for Communities & Businesses

BikeMN is proud to partner with cities, organizations, and businesses across the state to deepen and expand the reach of our educational offerings. We provide workshops, webinars, and seminars to support leaders and advocates wanting to improve walking and biking in places where people live, work, learn or visit. Learn More about these programs and how to participate.

School-based education — Walk Bike Fun

BikeMN worked with MNDOT’s Safe Routes To School program and other partners to develop and implement a nation-leading school-based youth education curriculum for safe walking and biking, called “Walk! Bike! Fun!”. This modular curriculum is designed specifically for Minnesota’s schools and youth education programs, and meets MN Physical Education Standards and Benchmarks.

Tune into our Pedestrian and Biking Education Requirements in Minnesota 2023 Webinar!

Other Resources

Find more recommended educational resources for walking and biking that you can access and share on your own.