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Bikeable Community Workshops

Going strong for a decade

At a Bikeable Community Workshop, local and regional staff, community leaders, and local bike champions are trained on strategies that they can use to create a more bike friendly community. Through discussions, presentations, and an on-bike mobile workshop, participants will assess and evaluate their community’s current bicycle friendly efforts and facilities, and work together to create a personalized community action plan.

Typical workshop participants include public health practitioners, engineers, law enforcement, planners, school administrators, elected officials, community leaders, and local advocates.

Bikeable Community Workshop participants will be able to:

  • Describe how the 6Es (Equity, Engineering, Education, Engagement, Encouragement, Evaluation and Planning) can improve the experience and safety of bicycling in a community
  • Explain Minnesota’s traffic laws related to bicycling
  • Recognize the importance of collaboration and the roles that professionals and community members have in supporting bicycling in a community
  • Apply effective strategies to facilitate bicycling as an easy, safe, and healthy option

Communities participating in this training will have the opportunity to learn more about how to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Development of a pedestrian/ bicycle/ transportation/ Safe Routes to School master plan
  • Implement policies and ordinances that support walking and bicycling
  • Ability to affect the systems that cities and counties use to build safe walking and bicycling facilities
  • Create events and campaigns that educate community members and encourage bicycling in your community

Find out more about Bikeable Community Workshops made possible by partnership with Minnesota Department of Health and Transportation by downloading our Planning Guide.