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Tour of Saints – Route

It’s not a race. It’s a heavenly little ride.

Three Scenic Routes Through Central Minnesota

The Tour of Saints starts and ends at the College of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph, MN. We open check-in at 6:30 a.m., but you can get started any time up until 8:30 a.m. We’ve planned three scenic courses through Central Minnesota, all of which are designed to make sure you have a pleasant and memorable morning bike ride. Riders enjoy food and drink at rest stops on each course. Below is a little more about each one.

Ride GPS Routes for Garmin, Wahoo, and mobile apps

18 miles – 16 miles of paved trail!

The 18-mile course features the Lake Wobegon Trail and is ideal for families and riders who prefer to avoid hills. Just one mile into the ride, cyclists will find themselves cruising along the trail enjoying views of the lush countryside. At the halfway point (9 miles), riders relax at the Avon rest stop for refreshments before their return trip.

35 and 50 miles – scenic hills and woodlands!

The longer courses trace 35 or 50 miles of beautiful byways. Cold Spring, the first stop at mile 12, is home to the popular Cold Spring Bakery. Their crew offers fresh pastries, fruit, cool water, and drinks. The second stop at 25 miles is at Collegeville Orchards, set at the edge of woodlands and lakes near Saint John’s University. Enjoy fresh fruit, chilled drinks, and sinfully good cookies.

Choose your finish

At Mile 31, riders can head to the finish for a 35-mile day or charge ahead onto the 50-mile course. For those riding 50 miles, the last rest stop at Mile 40 is Avon’s city park along the Lake Wobegon Trail. There, cyclists are welcomed with more fresh fruit, candy bars, and cool drinks.

Ahh! A fine finish!

Reunite with friends and family in cool comfort at the finish at the College of Saint Benedict, where you can slurp on watermelon and sip lemonade. Showers are available (but you’ll need to bring your own towel).

Sinful Treats

Enjoy fresh pastries from Cold Spring Bakery (a local favorite), fresh fruit, cool drinks, and cookies all along the route.

Saturday Tune-Ups!

Skilled mechanics will be on hand in St. Joseph on Sunday for Tuneups and occasionally even the night before the ride! Make sure your bike is in good working order.

Post-Ride Cool Down