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BikeMN Legislative Update March 22nd

It is an unusual year at the Minnesota Legislature. Most of the bills BikeMN supports were introduced last year and parts of them were incorporated in the omnibus transportation policy and finance and bonding bills in 2021. We are also working to get the rest of the policy and funding language incorporated this year. Those bills can be reviewed on our 2022 Legislative Agenda page. This year we are also supporting the new bill that would appropriate $50 million for biking and walking, H.F. 2994/S.F. 3074 (Bernardy/Dibble).

We are also strongly opposing H.F. 3426 and its Senate companion (Franson/Ingebrigten). Our hearts go out to Blake, the boy who was hit from behind and killed while bicycling the right way on a county road outside of Carlos/Alexandria. This law would require youth to ride against traffic and is contrary to law in all 50 states. Not to mention that parents riding with children would have to ride on opposite sides of the road! We strongly favor H.F. 1908 and S.F. 2131 (Lillie/Howe), our proposed operation of a bicycle updates, instead.

Send a note to your legislators!

Please send a note to your legislators. It can simply say: I/we strongly support additional funding for biking, walking, and safe routes to school and the policy recommendations of the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota. Please support them.

You can add more details about you and your community and the bills (by including a link to our 2022 Legislative Agenda) but it is not necessary. You can find who represents you here.