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Chippewa Medicine Wheel Gravel Ride

The 2021 Chippewa Medicine Wheel was a gravel ride through the the Chippewa National Forest with 3 route options; 41, 54, or 104 miles.

Each route started with the same 19 mile segment that takes you past the “Lost 40 Scientific and Natural Area”.

This ride began as a private small group event in 2017 and this is the first year that we are opening the ride up to any gravel riders who would like to join us. This has been a free, unsupported ride. You are responsible for your own navigation (download the routes or print off your own cue sheets from the Ride with GPS files) and be prepared with your own water, nutrition, and everything you would need to fix a flat. This ride is in very remote regions of northern Minnesota and it suggested that you have at least one other riding partner to ride with and that you have basic navigational skills to figure out the unmarked routes.

Downloading the route on a gps or your phone is a must! Many people have a preferred pace depending on the route length they are taking so this is NOT a ‘no drop’ group ride. It is simply a day when a bunch of riders will be out riding the same course. After the ride we plan to hang out at Fish Tales Bar and Grill (the start/end point) and we would love to hear your stories of the days adventure! Fish Tales also makes a great place to hang out for riders doing shorter routes than others in their groups.

2021 ROUTES – See Facebook
Here’s the link for the 41 mile route:
Here’s the link for the 54 mile option:
Here’s the link for the 104 mile option: routes are mostly gravel but they do have some paved roads. Please plan to have a flashing tail light for safety. The 41 mile route has 12 miles of secondary county paved roads. The 54 mile route has about 6 miles of secondary county paved roads and two miles of HWY 46. The 104 mile route has about 13 miles of secondary paved county roads and 3 miles of HWY 46.If you plan to attend, please indicate so on the Facebook invite at least a week in advance so I can give the owners of Fish Tales Bar and Grill an estimate on how many people to plan for. See less


Sep 24 2022


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