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Every Age has its Wisdom Winter Cycling Seminar

While the title is “Every age has it’s wisdom” if we are honest, most of us ride bikes to feel more like children, mentally, physically, spiritually. For this event Leif age 7 will be a featured presenter since he has been commuting to school year round for 3 years. His Dad, Joshua will also be a presenter. If you have questions about how to ride through winter as a family, you should definitely come to this event.
I have been winter riding/commuting since 1987, and like a lot of pioneers, I’ve survived making a lot of mistakes that I’m glad to help you not make. Since I’m always trying to find the limits while winter riding, my family doesn’t ride with me, like Joshua’s, but they love me anyway. I’ve been studying winter riding, and creating winter riding educational events for 17 years now. I’m really excited to continue educating, and learning from y’all while I share what I’ve discovered so far.

Leif Nichols age 7
Joshua Nichols, he won’t tell me how old he is?
Chris Huff-Hanson, closer to 60 than 59


Oct 25 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Venture Bikes
1000 Midtown Greenway, Minneapolis, MN
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