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Heck of the North

2022 marks the 14th anniversary of The Heck of the North. What a year so far! We are very excited to bring this edition to life!

We STRONGLY ENCOURAGING all participants to be fully vaccinated for COVID 19. Thank you for helping us to keep our families, communities and event businesses safe.

We will be offering THREE beautiful courses this year: the 100 mile course that features over 50 new miles of remote gravel road; the 55 mile course is equally challenging and scenic; and the 20 mile course to introduce new riders to the world of gravel cycling.

Thanks for being part of our gravel cycling season this year. And remember, this is the time to welcome someone new to cycling and especially gravel cycling! Reach out to someone new and help them see what it’s all about!

As always, I will see you at the finish line.

Jeremy Kershaw


Oct 01 2022


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