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Luce Line Fall Fondo!

So fun, it’s scary
!Join fellow TNS riders for an end of season milestone ride

Pick your poison:
Do the full century ride from Plymouth to Hutchinson and back, or cut it down to 60, 42 or 26 miles. We’ll stop in the little towns along the way every 10-15 miles.Dress up for Halloween, decorate your bike, bring the fam, anything goes. Chill, inclusive, fun. Guys are welcome, but bro culture is not. Leave the competitive mansplainers at home please.

Route/Surface Info:
Flat, mostly traffic free (just trail crossings).
26 and 42 mile routes are all crushed limestone.
60 and 100 mile routes are mostly crushed limestone with a little pavement mixed in.

-tools/spare tube
-head and taillightsArrive by 745am; century riders need to roll out promptly at 8am.

Realistic Expectations:
With a variety of routes and speeds, we’ll need to be flexible with pacing and ride groups. 100 and 62 mile riders will need to keep riding at a good clip to finish, so they won’t be able to wait up for the more casual paced folks doing the shorter routes. The good news is the route is a simple out and back, so you can’t get lost and we’ll all see each other eventually. That said, riding alone is no fun. So, plan ahead and make sure you have at least one similarly paced buddy on your route. *Ride organizer Janeece will do 100 miles at 13-15mph while moving*

Let’s have a blast and take no sh!t!


Oct 30 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Event Registration

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Facebook Event Page