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2024 Marathon, Puoli, Tour Fat Bike

Point to Point Fat Bike Races: Ride the Ski Trails!

Fat Bike Loppet (28K): Sunday, February 4: 11:45am (tentative timing)

The Fat Bike Loppet is a point-to-point race, providing a unique chance to ride your fat bike on the groomed ski trails (where fat-tire bikes are not normally allowed), mostly following the exact same course as the Loppet skiers – with a dash of singletrack to keep it spicy. Expect all the hills the skiers face, especially in the Bog, Butler and North Wirth sections!

Note that the singletrack section add a degree of difficulty that may not be appropriate for beginning riders that have not done this kind of riding before. The Fat Bike Puoli Loppet and Fat Bike Tour courses do not include the singletrack section or the hilliest sections of Wirth Park.

Fat Bike Puoli Loppet (20K): Sunday, February 4: 11:50am (tentative timing)

This 20K point-to-point fat bike race is a truly unique experience that takes racers over the parkways and through the woods to a grand finish in front of The Trailhead in Theodore Wirth Park.

Bikers of all ages and abilities will be challenged and thrilled by this beautiful urban course. Go for your best time, or simply enjoy this unique bike experience that features an incredible mix of urban biking and wooded natural trails.

The Fat Bike Puoli Loppet follows the same course as the Fat Bike Loppet except that it skips the singletrack sections and most of the largest hills.

Fat Bike Tour (10K): Sunday, February 4: 12:00pm (tentative timing)

Enjoy the beautiful urban wilderness of Theodore Wirth Park in this recreational event, perfect for fat bikers of all ages and abilities. The Fat Bike Tour is approximately 10 kilometers, making it a great introductory distance for novices and an enjoyable outing for veterans with a grand finish at The Trailhead in Theodore Wirth Park.

A Word on Bikes: What Can I Ride?

  • To preserve the trails, participants must use only fat bikes defined as bikes with 3.8” tires or more and less than 10 psi tire pressure.
  • Tandem fat bikes are allowed and welcome, but are not eligible for awards.  Loppet and Puoli tandem riders must each register and contact to ensure the proper results are shown.


Feb 04 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Event Registration

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Theodore Wirth Trailhead
1221 Theodore Wirth Pkwy Minneapolis, MN 55422
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