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The Heywood

390 Riders

Now for you 390 riders, we’ve got a couple of extra requirements for you. First, we learned last year that we need to keep better track of you on the course, so we can be sure to greet you and congratulate you when you finish. To that end, we’re working with Trackleaders to provide GPS tracking services.

Please sign up for the 390 route tracking here:
This will serve as your official confirmation that you’re planning to ride the 390 route.

If you don’t have a SPOT tracker, Trackleaders even provides devices you can rent. The other requirement is an earlier start time – you’ll be starting at 10pm on Thursday, May 18. Please sign in one hour before the ride start! We will be in Central Park for meeting up!

Please also be sure to get the 2023 route. There are significant changes to the 390 route this year that you need to be aware of.

Saturday Rides

Saturday’s schedule of events is as follows. Remember, you registered as a participant of The Heywood, not for a specific distance. You’re welcome to ride any course, we only ask that you start with the group for that course. 

On Saturday morning, we’ll roll out of town in waves:

7am: start of the 165 mile route.

8am: start of the 110 mile route.

9am: start of the 55 mile route.

10am: start of the 30 mile route (NEW!!!)

Electronic copies of all the routes can be found on our website. Please do not use routes from last year, as there have been some changes.

The 165, 110, and 55 will have a brief safety lead out of town to Canada Ave. You 390 nutters will be on your own.

30-Mile Route

Of special note is the addition of the 30 mile option this year. This route is specifically set with new riders in mind, with signs guiding riders along the course. In an effort to lower the intimidation barrier, we’re taking navigation off of your list.


May 20 2023


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