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The Hollo Gravel Classic

Ride it fast, ride it slow, we don’t care so long as you enjoy the ride. The Hollo Gravel Classic takes riders through the glacial hills, prairies, hollows, and lakes of West Central Minnesota. 

Starting in the town of Battle Lake riders head southwest through the rolling farmlands, prairie lakes, and hollows of Tordenskjold township before climbing Trefoldighed, passing the race’s namesake Hollo Lake and heading east across the windswept fields of Clitherall township. The race then meanders south between lakes and across rolling hills towards the Leaf Mountains which offer punchy climbs and stunning views. Upon entering the Leaf Mountains the race continues westward crossing Eagle Lake township and the northern “foothills” of the Seven Sisters Prairie conservation site. Riders will then head northward traversing the punchy climbs of Tordenskjold as they make their way back towards the cyclocross inspired finale in Battle Lake. 

The 66 mile route was designed specifically by locals to showcase some, but not all, of our favorite roads. Who knows, maybe we will do this again and share some other gems.


Aug 20 2022


All Day

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Battle Lake High School
402 Summit St W, Battle Lake, MN 56515
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