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Minneapolis City Council Passes Hennepin Ave Bus Lanes & Bike Lanes!

We need your voice, tell Mayor Frey to approve the design TODAY!

The Hennepin Avenue South redesign passed the Minneapolis City Council today with protected bike lanes and full-time bus lanes. We’re overjoyed and hopeful that the advocacy work done by our friends, allies, and partners with Move Minnesota, Our Streets Minneapolis, Hennepin for People, Sierra Club North Star Chapter, and the many volunteers who fought for this redesign.

It’s thanks to the work of volunteers, advocates, and local leaders, that this redesign for Hennepin Ave passed. City Council members who listened to their communities and voted YES include: Elliot Payne (Ward 1), Robin Wonsley (Ward 2), Jeremiah Ellison (Ward 5), Jamal Osman (Ward 6), Andrea Jenkins (Ward 8), Jason Chavez (Ward 9), Aisha Chughtai (Ward 10), and Andrew Johnson (Ward 12). This redesign could make Hennepin Avenue the next best main street in our region, with a design that welcomes everyone regardless of how they choose to travel and creates a vibrant space this important corridor needs.

Call On Mayor Frey to Approve the Design

The final decision on this project is now with Mayor Frey, who could still attempt a veto. Please, call Mayor Frey’s office TODAY to voice your support for full-time bus lanes and protected bike lanes on Hennepin Ave South!

Tell Mayor Frey to approve the design passed by the City Council: 612-673-2100.

Additionally, consider reaching out to the following City Council members and asking for their reasoning behind voting NO on this redesign: Linea Palmisano (Ward 13), Emily Koski (Ward 11), Michael Rainville (Ward 3), Lisa Goodman (Ward 7), and LaTrisha Vetaw (Ward 4). Share your perspective with them on what this no vote means to you and your community.

As a Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee Representative for Ward 11, I know that this redesign puts the health of our community, climate, and city first. I am personally disappointed in my Council Member’s decision today. The Hennepin Avenue redesign with full-time bus lanes and protected bike lanes prioritizes accessibility for everyone, promotes local economies and small businesses, and serves equity and sustainability goals outlined in the Minneapolis 2040 plan. We need city and regional planning that prioritizes accessibility for modes other than cars, and the Hennepin Avenue design does just that. I’m glad this redesign passed the Minneapolis City Council, and I hope you will join me in calling on Mayor Frey to approve the design as soon as possible.

– Maya, BAC Ward 11 & BikeMN Communications Manager