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NOTE: The Bike Walk Leadership Network monthly webinar will be on hiatus beginning December 2023.

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Join the MN Bike Walk Leadership Network to share strategies and ideas to increase biking and walking in Minnesota. Webinars are held monthly to learn and participate in dialogue with community leaders statewide. Topics are timely and relevant to what’s resonating within active transportation across the state. Someone might have just the idea to spark action within your community!

BikeMN is proud to lead the Minnesota Bike Walk Leadership Network. More than just a social group connected by shared hobbies or transportation modes, the Network aims to connect local bike walk leaders to share ideas and strategies about how they’re lifting up the walking and biking culture in their communities. We facilitate a monthly Bike Walk Leadership Network webinar and provide technical assistance to participants in the network.

The Minnesota Bike Walk Leadership Network is composed of Community Bike Walk Leadership Teams, interested local leaders, and the network organizers at BikeMN. On this page you can learn about:

  • who participates on Community Bike Walk Leadership Teams
  • where those teams are located in Minnesota and how to connect with them
  • and instructions for how to become a member of the Network and participate in the monthly webinar

Who is this network for?

Who is a local bike walk leader? YOU are! Our definition of a bike walk leader is broad on purpose, but here are some questions whose answers might help you tell if you are unsure. Do you educate kids or adults about safe walking and biking skills? Or teach them the benefits of walking and biking around their communities? Do you engage with community stakeholders, such as neighborhood organizations, elected officials, or residents? Do you encourage people to walk and bike? If you said “yes” to any of those questions, we’d love you to join this network!

How can I participate?

The primary way to participate in the network is through the monthly Minnesota Bike Walk Leadership Network Webinar. On them, you’ll have conversations about inspiring bike walk stories from around Minnesota. Make sure to join the network (complete form below) for webinar reminders. Here are the details:

Day: Every 3rd Wednesday
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Central
Where: Remote via Zoom

You can also watch Bike Walk Leadership Network Webinar’s on our YouTube page!

Yes indeed, BikeMN has a YouTube channel! Subscribe or click on the links in communications sent out by email to members.

Thanks to all of our 2021 Leadership Network Guest Speakers

  • Michele Anderson, Springboard for the Arts
  • Tony Desnick, Finnish Cycling Embassy
  • Michael Brooks, Lake Links Association
  • Dorian Grilley, BikeMN
  • Susan Altenbach, Dezignline
  • Hannah Pritchard, MnDOT
  • Karl Hedlund, GreenCorps member serving with BikeMN
  • Mike Casey, Friends of Western Duluth Parks and Trails
  • Kaja Vang, Three Rivers Parks
  • Pacha Galaviz, Bici Xicas
  • Luke Ewald, Des Moines Valley Health and Human Services
  • Rachel Workin, City of Fridley
  • Dave Sanderson, retired family physician
  • Dave Jensen, “The Crazy Bike Guy”
  • Kurt Franke, Cycling Museum of Minnesota
  • Lily Brutger, Art In Motion
  • CJ Lindor, BikeMN
  • Josh Ramaker, Rice County SHIP Coordinator
  • Dan Farnsworth, FM MetroCOG
  • Dave Cowan, MnDOT
  • Rick Heidick, Bicycle Friendly Community workgroup leader
  • Tim Gladhill, City of Stillwater
  • Barbara Beck, We Bike Rochester
  • Marty Cormack, We Bike Rochester