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Meet a Member – Luke of Jackson MN

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Luke Ewald

Tell us something cool about your love of biking and/or walking.
I grew up in Monticello, MN and later moved to Jackson, MN for work in 2014. I’ve grown to love trails in both communities, and I have to say Monticello has done a lot of great work with trail development (and let’s not forget Betram Chain of Lakes!). Growing up, I enjoyed going through Montissippi Regional Park in Monticello particularly because it reminded me of bicycling in a wooded area in Wright County (rather than a smaller suburban community. I enjoyed the spring, summer, and autumn season (autumn the most with the leaves changing and being able to spot some wildlife). I typically enjoyed biking this park solo to be a part of nature, but never turned down a group or duo ride with friends.

How does BikeMN support your love of walking and biking? Or what ways do you think BikeMN could support biking and walking for Minnesotans even more than they are now?
BikeMN staff are all great! They’ve been helpful with Jackson’s Bicycle Friendly Communities work and are always nudging us to keep up the great work. Natalie keeps us moving forward, and Dorian keeps us in the loop with all the legislative stuff going on at the capitol. The BikeMN Network meetings, hosted by Natalie and Ted, held monthly gives us great ideas to try out in our communities, and the Bicycle Community Workshops are great opportunities to showcase the improvements we’ve made while also getting tips from Nick and whoever else participates in the events with him. Of course we can’t forget CJ… if wasn’t for CJ getting Bike Fleets or providing educational workshops we wouldn’t have the opportunities to put on bike rodeos at schools or the YMCA.

Photo Details:
I enjoy biking solo, but over the years I’ve enjoyed biking with youth particularly because you have the opportunity to not just talk about bike safety, but also get the opportunity to listen to them and learn from them about life! In the photo, I am on the fair right with the mountain bike. The others are youth who participated in our Thursday Afternoon Youth Group Rides on Jackson’s Des Moines River Trail.

Thanks Luke for sharing your BikeMN story!