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Meet Ilse!

Hi! I’m Ilse (they/them/theirs), and I am Bike MNs new Education Assistant! 

I grew up in St. Paul, went to college in Madison, and then spent time teaching abroad in Uganda, Laos, and China before resettling back in Minnesota. The last time I regularly drove a car was in high school, and I have never owned a car as an adult. I enjoy getting around the cities (and suburbs) in creative ways: by foot, by bike, and by transit. 

I use my bike for commuting and embarking on long, meandering bike journeys with plenty of stops for food and lying down in meadows. I also love going bike camping with friends! I am excited to teach and support others to get around in more empowering, simple, and enjoyable ways. 

I spend my other time writing, creating music, meditating, and communing with friends and trees.