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Special Considerations for E-Bikes

What’s Different about an Ebike?So What?
Legality  Know the class of your ebike. Class 1-3 are legal in MN but may be restricted on trails:
Class 1 – an electric assist up 20MPH with NO throttle
Class 2 – assist up to 20MPH WITH a throttle
Class 3 – assist up to 28MPH with NO throttle*Restrictions on where you can ride; check signs depending on where you are.Battery must be no more than 750W.Must be 15 years or older to ride an e-bike.
Speed Look out for obstacles, ride slower on trails or in urban traffic. It takes longer to stop. Slow down at intersections–car drivers may not be expecting such a fast bike.
WeightTake care when mounting or dismounting since an ebike can tip more easily due to weight. Practice lifting the bike if you ever need to get it into a vehicle or onto a bus rack. 
BatteriesBatteries will drain faster in cold weather. Plug directly into the wall rather than using extension cord or power strip. Always use original manufacturer’s equipment, never a third party. Make sure the battery is dry and room temperature before charging. The battery will last longer if you unplug once it’s charged. The main cause of battery fires is a 3rd party battery or charger that isn’t original to the bike– look for UL certification.
ThrottlesThrottles provide a thrust forward; be prepared! Keep your hand off the throttle when you’re walking your bike.
LevelsStart in lowest-assist mode when starting from a stop and when getting familiar with the bike. 
Maintenance Regular brake maintenance is important since ebikes are heavier, faster, and require more braking power. Where/how to check brake pad material?
SecurityMake sure to use a high security lock and remove the battery when parking the bike outside.