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Down to the Wire at the Capitol

By: Dorian Grilley, Executive Director of BikeMN

The Minnesota Legislature is heading toward a special session with no agreement on a state budget and mandatory adjournment scheduled for Monday. That does not mean there is no hope for at least some of BikeMN’s priorities. The Transportation Conference Committee has been meeting and they have discussed much of our policy recommendations that were included in the House Bill. Senator Howe introduced our operation of bicycle improvements in SF2131 and is working with the other committee members to have them included. Representative Elkins is championing all the policies from the House bill. The e-bike updates are the same in the House and Senate bills so they will be included. The proposed PedalMN License Plate is also still in play but the Senate proposed that the proceeds be dedicated to only pedestrian infrastructure so we said no, it should be dedicated to the MnDOT Active Transportation account and used for walking and biking! The House bonding bill includes funding for Safe Routes to School. The Senate’s does not.

Please send an email to your legislators, especially if they are on the conference committee (but any will do!), and say, Please include the bike policy language from the House bill and Senator Howe’s bill, the e-bike updates, a PedalMN license plate with proceeds dedicated to the MnDOT Active Transportation Account, and, please put some money in a bonding bill for safe routes to school infrastructure.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 651-387-2445 or email me at