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Two Wheels and a Tailwind

By: Natalie Gille

On February 28, 2023, I’ll work my last day as an employee of the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota, as the Greater Minnesota Program Manager. I’m grateful that Dorian Grilley made the decision to hire me to join the BikeMN team back in July 2012. It has been an incredible journey traveling throughout the state of Minnesota, teaching and advocating for biking, walking, and rolling, and making lots of friends along the way.

I wish BikeMN all the best in future evolutions of the organization as you continue to grow the biking, walking and rolling culture in Minnesota. The organization is positioned to partner with others to grow the coalition of advocates statewide. To my colleagues, Dorian Grilley, CJ Lindor, Angela Olson, Helena Howard, Maya Sheikh and Ted Duepner, in addition to our BikeMN interns Spencer Polk and Jenna Hawkes, and the BikeMN Board of Directors, I wish you all overwhelming success for many years to come. To BikeMN staff who have already moved on, Patty Soldner, Will Wlizlo, Jo Olson, Michelle Kiefer, Nick Mason, our GreenCorp folks who spent time with us, Mae Hanzlik, Kate Matusinec and Tim Brackett, and to the many interns, board members and volunteers who have offered up time and talents, you all have made significant contributions to the field of Active Transportation and growing the biking, walking and rolling culture here in Minnesota. The ripples of the work you’ve done over the years will continue to pave the way for successful projects for many years to come. For the new folks on staff and those who will join along the way, I wish you well in bringing fresh perspectives and learning so much from the team and partnering organizations in this work. For the veteran staff, may you find your footing in the transitions to a new landing place as an organization, which continues to evolve. Be nimble in the changing environment and make course corrections, as needed. This will serve you well.

I depart with a message of gratitude for people who have supported me on the road, during long days of meetings and workshops, and through the many life events and growth I’ve experienced over my 10 ½ years working for BikeMN. Thank you for all of your contributions to what has made this chapter of my life a meaningful one, full of many stories about our shared experiences we might reflect back on from time to time over a lovely meal, beverages of choice, and some fantastic live music.

Blaze the trail and keep moving!

Natalie Gille