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Virtual Bike Basics Class

BikeMN’s Bike Basics Seminar will go over all the essentials you need for a happy bike life! We’ll demonstrate how to do the ABC Quick Check, remove your wheels, fix a flat, lube your chain, and shift. We’ll even discuss tips on what to wear and what to bring along to make your ride more comfortable. This is the perfect place to ask our experts any questions you might have about Bike Basics!

Offering Bike Basics in a virtual format allowed for more participants to join from anywhere in Minnesota. The course briefly covers Smart Cycling “Need to Know” tips for people who bike, including important tools to have on hand, the proper way to fit and check your helmet, and safety strategies while biking on the road. The course is a time for participants to ask their burning questions – from safety to bike maintenance and clothing to everything in between. Last night, our virtual class had many questions on staying warm while riding in winter, the best gloves for wet conditions, winter bike maintenance, what to do when confronted with a vicious dog, and how to change a tire. BikeMN’s Minnesota Bicycling Handbook is another good resource to help bicyclists use Minnesota’s roads and trails safely and enjoyably and covers many concerns riders may have more in-depth. Bike Basics offers participants an accessible and quick course to help them feel comfortable working on their own bikes and riding in confidence.

We’re excited to offer this class again in February and March, alongside our People Friendly Drivers Course.