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Shooting Star Trail Bike Ride

A great opportunity to enjoy a ride with family and friends through Prairie Vision country. The communities of LeRoy, Taopi, Adams, and Rose Creek, are working together to showcase the beauty of the Shooting Star State Trail.

This ride covers flat terrain, wild flowers, oak savannah, tall grass prairie, corn and soybean fields, small towns, and country life. Checkpoints and the rural towns of Rose Creek, Dexter,  LeRoy, Taopi, Adams, are a part of the routes. The 20 mile ride is on bike trail only. Organizers have chosen rural blacktop roads for you to  enjoy. Excellent rest stops with food and water are provided.

All routes are fully-supported,  some are patrolled with motorcycles and are fully-supported with sag wagon.

Map Routes will be on


Jun 17 2023


7:00 am - 4:00 pm

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