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The Lake Pepin 3-Speed Tour

Registration is  fixed at $30; this  includes your event reservation, bag tag, and Tourbook. Entry fee must be  included with registration. Reservations are capped at 130 Nutters of the Realm  and are refundable up to 2 weeks before the event and may not be applied to next  year. To reserve your spot, email the STO at:

Meal tickets are a mystery at this point: Java Jan and Java Jim may be retiring from this event.

Veteran Nutters  who have lost their job may take advantage of our “Nutters in Need”  Programme  and may ride for free. Spouses are now included even if they have a  job. Vice versa works as well.

Payment is acceptable via Paypal or cash,  check, money order, .999 silver bullion or, as usual, rusty lumps of iron from your  shed.

Paypal address:

Deadline for refunds is 2 weeks before the  event. If you prefer, your refund may be applied to the “Nutters in Need” programme; your  entry fee will be donated to a Nutter who has lost their job or, for other  reasons, cannot afford to ride.

Other details: Meet at  Colvil Park in Red Wing Minnesota on the east side of town, just off Highway  61 across from the correctional facility.  For those arriving early, The Staghead is an excellent place for those Nutters who wish to gather Friday  night for a pint; Noel says to get there about 4-4:30. We gather here Sunday afternoon after the tour as well  and have the place reserved just for us.

Be ready to go at 7:00am Saturday morning.  Red Wing is 1.5 hours south of St. Paul. General driving directions to Red Wing  are available from Google Maps. We have made arrangements with the Red Wing Police to leave our cars in the  Colvil lot overnight.

A note about fitness: 

We maintain a  modest pace but riders must be able to easily complete 45 miles in a day. That  seems innocuous enough but add headwinds, big hills, gravel and rain and your spouse  may decide you’ve taken leave of your senses. That being said, many riders are on “Wife Support”; she drives the van while you suffer in silence.


Your camping gear may be transported in the  3-speed lorry for the trip to Wabasha. Hence, we encourage you to tip a few quid for  Bobbi’s petrol and her lost weekend. Camping gear goes in the trailer and the trailer is then parked  at the Malone Park campground. All other gear goes in the lorry. The lorry is not available  during the day; it does not necessarily follow us and should not be considered a SAG wagon.

Please note there are NO organised food stops, rest stations, or mechanic support. 

“For those who dream in Whitworth.” -Ken Keberle


May 14 - 15 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm



Event Registration

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