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Assessing the Benefits of Bicycling

Dollars and Sense

This 2016 study gathered data from other research, surveyed Minnesota bicycle events and the bike industry in the state, and worked with the U of M to set a baseline that:

Minnesotans bicycle about 180 million miles per year making about 90 million trips and that about 70% of those trips are in the Metro Area.

Bicycling has a long way to go to make a difference in vehicle miles traveled through. About 60 billion miles are driven in Minnesota each year. That translates to additional statistics that are also hard to comprehend. Five million miles are driven in Saint Paul each day! Please join BikeMN as they work to change these numbers by helping to make biking and walking the easy, safe, and fun choice.

Part of the Study assessed the Health Benefits of Bicycle Commuting and showed there is a significantly decreased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases related to physical inactivity for individuals that bike as little as two miles three times per week. Other studies confirm this and also show that bicycling can lead to a stronger immune system, better mental health, and a longer life. Some Minnesota businesses have also confirmed that these benefits can also translate to reduced healthcare costs and absenteeism for businesses.

Bicycling is also big business. Minnesota is home to QBP – Quality Bicycle Products – one of the largest wholesalers of bicycle parts in the world. Park Tool in Oakdale Minnesota is one of the largest manufacturers of bicycle tools in the world and Erik’s Bike Shop is the largest dealer of several lines of bikes. The economic impacts of the bicycling industry and bike events are also significant in Minnesota as they are in many other states. The estimating use fact sheet can be found here.

The entire study can be found here.