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Welcome to the new!

It’s been nearly a decade, but finally has a super new home! Over the last several months, staff and our web team at Windmill Strategy have been working hard to build a new home for BikeMN that fits digital best practices and the needs of our supporters. From great mobile friendliness to a faster user experience, we are thrilled to offer this new resource to everyone.

Obviously we like the site, but there are some new things, we really believe you’ll enjoy:

We have an all new “Ride Minnesota” section of the site that will really help you find new places and people to ride with all across the state. There are more resources, including the new Ride Minnesota Hub, a geo-directory

of bike clubs, shops, and events that we can show you in your neighborhood or a new destination!
We also have re-built all of our signature event websites in a more user-friendly format! All your favorites: The Saint Paul Classic, Mankato River Ramble, Tour of Saints, and more have come home to

Speaking of events- we want to showcase yours! There’s a brand new form to submit your community’s event so you can invite people from all corners of the state!

An improved MN Bicycling Handbook experience- our most popular resource is easier to order than ever. Order print copies OR read through online thanks to some improved navigation.

Take Action, Advocates!- the new site has lots of ways to plug in and make a difference. Jump in to make your community and our state and nation  better places to walk & bike.

There’s a lot more to explore, so dig into all of our resources in between those gorgeous summer rides and walks!