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15 Ways to Embrace April’s 30 Days of Biking

  • Sign up at 30 Days of Biking and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and use #30daysofbiking in your posts.

  • Add a Minnesota bike event to your calendar!

    BikeMN has scoured the web to find and catalog 100s of events all over the state each year from casual family-friendly neighborhood rides to long distance endurance races. There’s something for everyone to get excited about and make a new annual tradition. Join us at the e-bike challenge on April 2nd and 3rd at the Minneapolis Convention Center!

  • Join a club or team!

    With BikeMNs efforts to create a comprehensive list of teams and clubs around the state you can find bike-minded folks in your neck of the woods to socialize, train, and more.

  • Advocate for better walking and biking!

    Bicycling is the most fun when it’s safe and accessible to all. Get connected with a Local Advocacy group or BikeMN’s legislative effort. Take time to write to your local elected officials, your state legislators or write a letter to the editor about bike and pedestrian infrastructure or that problematic intersection you think could be improved. Watch BikeMN’s webinar on connecting with your legislators for the first time and write or call them about BikeMN’s legislative agenda

  • Tune up your bike or learn how!

    Riding in Minnesota April conditions isn’t always pretty, but Saint Paul’s own Park Tool company has a helpful video on chain cleaning and lubrication. Want to kick your maintenance skills up a notch? These guides from REI or the Fix-A-Flat section of BikeMN’s Minnesota Bicycling Handbook are also great resources. If your bike has been sitting all winter don’t forget to pump up your tires along with the ABC Quick Check!

  • Use your bike in place of a car!

    Biking for biking’s sake is great but so is the empowerment you feel when you save a car trip by biking to the grocery store, library, work and more. Even if you’re not ready to bike the whole way, consider driving and parking part way and biking the rest of your trip.

  • Follow bike and walk advocates who are BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other members of underserved communities on social media or sign up for their e-news lists!

    Here’s just a sampling of folks and orgs to check out. 
  1. Shop for a new bike, new parts or service!

    Minnesota’s Local Bike Shops rock and are filled with friendly knowledgeable folks who want to get you riding and keep you riding. Most shops have much better stock this Spring so get in there and invest in your local community shop this April and beyond! BikeMN has also created a little guide for shopping for new or used bikes.

  2. Register your bike to protect it in case of theft!

    Not the most fun topic, but nevertheless an important one. First, it’s important to catalog your bike and register it with your city (if applicable), Garage 529, and When cataloging your bike, include photos and make sure to take note of any identifying characteristics like: serial number, size, make, model, year, color scheme, and personal touches. Learn more about bike theft and recovery here.

  3. Download a ride app!

    Not only is it fun to track your miles and explore new areas many apps have communities of new friends to connect with IRL. Check out BikeMN’s Maps, Apps and Resources page.

  4. Watch a bike inspired movie or one that depicts bicycles in a positive way.

    Bicycling Magazine has included a list of 27 many of which don’t focus on racing if that’s not your thing. With 27 movies, you could try and watch one almost everyday during 30 Days of Biking, or, at least if you opt for an indoor-riding session on a particularly crummy day. Looking for less of a time commitment? Then check out the rotating Bike Film Fest offerings.

  5. Donate an old bike to give it new life.

    We always say the worst bike to have is the one that never gets ridden. Many cities have organizations that will take donated bikes, tune them up and give them to folks in need. Check out these orgs or let us know if we missed one you’re familiar with. Free Bikes 4 Kidz, Full Cycle, Center for Victims of Tourture, Pata De Perro.

  6. Consider joining the MN Bike Walk Leadership Network.

    BikeMN hosts a monthly webinar that highlight the efforts and successes of organizations and individuals around the state on a variety of topics on the third Wednesday of the month. Anyone can join for FREE!

  7. Become a bicycle friendly business, university of community!

    BikeMN supports the efforts of the League of American Bicyclist’s Bike-Friendly America program. Learn more about what it takes to earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or even Diamond status by clicking here.

  8. Take care of your body and mind by riding your bike!

    Many people have come to know how important it is and how good it feels to walk and bike. Remember to take time to prepare your body before and after riding, especially if you plan on riding everyday in April and beyond. Stretch, smile and glide!