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Fixing a Flat

10 steps to get you rolling again.

01. Basic Tools

  • Spare tube
  • Tire lever
  • Pump or inflator
  • Crescent wrench (if wheels are bolted on)
  • Patch kit (not pictured)

02. Release Brakes

  • Graphic A. On side-pull brakes, there is usually a tension-release lever on the side.
  • Graphic B. On V-Brakes remove cable from arm.

03. Remove Wheel

  • Unlock quick-release lever or loosen wheel nuts, and remove wheel from frame. Contrary to the illustration, the chain should be on the smallest chain ring for wheel removal.

04. Unseat Tire

  • Use tire lever to unseat tire from rim on one side only.

05. Remove Tube

  • Reach into tire and pull tube out. Generally, first pull the part of the tube that is opposite the valve stem.

06. Check Tire/Tube

  • Run a cloth on the inside of the tire and across the tube to check for embedded objects such as glass, nails, etc.

07. Install New Tube

  • Slightly inflate tube to give it shape. Put valve stem in first.

08. Put Tire Back on Rim

  • Carefully work tire back on rim, making sure not to pinch tube between rim and tire. Start with section by valve stem. Push valve stem upwards to make sure it is not caught between tire and rim.

09. Pump Tire

  • Use your pump or inflator to re-inflate the tire. The proper PSI will be listed on the wall of the tire.

10. Replace Wheel

  • Put the wheel back into the frame. Tighten and close the quick release mechanism or tighten the nuts for the wheel. Also remember to re-engage your brakes.