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Weather Considerations

Beat the sleet with these weather-riding tips.

We all get caught in challenging weather at some point. Aside from having the proper clothing and safety gear, there are some challenging weather situations that you should be aware of:

  • Some weather conditions make it more difficult for other road users to see you. Use front and rear lights and wear high-visibility, reflective clothing to improve your visibility.
  • Wet weather reduces your tires’ traction with the road. Be extra careful, especially when making turns.
  • Wet weather, ice, and snow affect your stopping distance. Lightly apply your brakes to wipe moisture off your rims before applying them fully.
  • Roadways are slickest when it first starts to rain because of the oil dropped from cars mixing with the rain.
  • Snow and ice create traction problems. Reducing tire pressure helps surface contact. Knobby mountain bike or studded tires are best for winter riding.
  • Be extra cautious when riding in the rain or snow, especially when riding up or down steep hills.
  • Bridges, painted surfaces, utility covers, and other metal in the roadway and trail are slippery when wet.