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Night Riding

Be safe! Be seen!

You can never be too visible on a bicycle. In addition to bright lights, bright and reflective clothing makes you more visible – and safer.

  • Always wear proper safety gear, especially a helmet.
  • The law requires you to have a white front light visible from 500 feet away, red rear light or reflector, and pedal or wheel reflectors. For extra visibility, BikeMN strongly recommends adding one or more red rear lights to your bike and person.
  • Always wear brightly-colored, high-visibility, reflective clothing.
  • Front white headlights should always be bright enough to be seen from 500 feet away. Brighter lights that allow bicyclists to see the road conditions are preferable in many situations and can be worth the higher expense. Multiple headlights (e.g. helmet and handlebar mount) allow better visual perspective and offer safety redundancy.