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E-Bike Fleets & Commuter Assistance Program

Check Out Our E-Bike Commuter Assistance Program and IBikeMN Challenge.

BikeMN has two exciting new initiatives to introduce.

E-Bike Commuter Assistance Program

This initiative is designed to help the participants from a number of partner businesses and organizations gain experience and confidence utilizing the BikeMN e-bike fleets. This is an exciting new chapter of our education offerings in our evolving efforts to ensure that all Minnesotans have access to information and resources so that walking, biking, and rolling anywhere in the state is easy, safe and fun.

Businesses interested in participating can learn more by completing this form. (COMING SOON)

IBikeMN Challenge

The IBikeMN Challenge is open to everyone!

With these weekly challenges we hope to encourage bicyclists across the state to ride further and more often! Look here for official launch about how you can participate (COMING SOON).

More E-Bike Educational Resources

What’s Different About E-Bikes?

Ease of achieving higher speeds and weight considerations are just some of the most obvious differences between e-bikes and “acoustic,” “analog,” or “traditional” bicycles. Learn More.

Ride E-Bike Smart!

People for Bikes has provided a great video and quiz series to increase your knowledge. Chapters include: What is an Electric Bicycle, E-Bike Battery Safety, Before You Ride, Rider Safety, Collision Awareness + Rider Etiquette. Learn More.

How to Ride an E-Bike Safely

Bicycling Magazine provides a great list of e-bike tips including: 1) Pay even more attention to traffic, 2) Make yourself seen, 3) Check your speed, 4) Brake earlier, 5) Careful while mounting and dismounting, and 5) Remember it’s still a bike. Learn More.

How to Choose an E-Bike provides a great list of 8 Key Features to Look For when shopping for e-bikes including: 1) Class, 2) Type of e-bike 3) Weight 4) Mid Drive or Hub Motor 5) Battery Life 6) Power 7) Add-Ons and 8) Serviceability. Learn More.

Electric Bicycle Battery Recycling provides resources for how to dispose of your e-bike batteries safely and sustainably. Learn More.

Other Resources

Find more recommended educational resources for walking and biking that you can access and share on your own.